Iain Stirling: Everything

Iain Stirling: Everything

by Joanna Orland

Iain Stirling is sweet, Scottish and safe. In fact, the comedian plays it so safe, that when submitting his show title to Edinburgh Fringe, he decided to call it “Everything” just to cover all of the bases.

Iain is very endearing, but only mildly funny. His material is very Scottish centric, but this seems to work in his favour as 90% of his audience is just that. Even not being from Scotland myself, I still found Iain’s delivery very solid and likeable, but just nothing special or memorable. I could most definitely watch him perform again, but watching Iain is comparable to a night in with a nice takeaway, watching some panel show on ITV while all tucked up nicely in a Slanket.

Stirling plays it safe with comfortable comedy worth a gander when you’re in the mood for that something a bit more sedate.


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