Ben Hart: The Vanishing Boy

Ben Hart: The Vanishing Boy

by Joanna Orland

“Our experience and what we remember are two different things”, says magician Ben Hart. He may have weaved this line into his tales to heighten the drama of his narrative, or to slyly remind us that he is manipulating us to forget reality and remember only the illusion of reality that he presents to us this evening.

Ben’s brand of magic is unique. Some of his tricks are good, some are for humour’s sake, and some are astounding. He’s got the looks, the charm and the talent to be a sensation. His sleight of hand trickery is highly impressive as he makes sure we realize this in his opening sequence of appearing/disappearing balls that could have doubled for a juggling act.

While the quick fingered movements are remarkable, his illusions go beyond just showing off. One trick in particular which still mystifies me, is the one involving an egg (no spoilers). And to compliment the egg trick, there is also a rather glorious chicken moment – I won’t tell you which came first.

Magic as a form of entertainment seems to be making its way back into the mainstream with a crop of young talent making names for themselves. Perhaps this is due to a generation of cool twenty-somethings such as Ben who grew up with Harry Potter as a role model. Magic is no longer just for nerds – Harry Potter saved the world and got the girl after all!

Ben Hart is no Harry Potter, but his magically cheeky and charming tricks will certainly put a spell on you (sorry, I had to go there).

 (the extra 1/2 star is for the egg trick – how did he do it???)

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