Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls

by Joanna Orland

Alexis Dubus is a very diverse and talented comedian. His show Cars and Girls falls into the spoken word category of the Edinburgh Fringe programme as it is much more of a poetic coming-of-age story than it is a work of comedy. Alexis himself describes it as “A romantic insight into a comedian’s head” where we learn that in terms of both cars and girls his “favourite is red”.

Alexis has written the entire show in verse and recites it as such. While the words are more elegant in this form, it also gives the show an air of a children’s storytime. This works quite well as it portrays the innocence of Alexis’ romantic character while contrasting some of the more disreputable plot points in the stories.

The content of the show is sentimental, but the beauty of Cars and Girls lies in Alexis’ delivery. He’s likable and charming, but it’s the way he seamlessly dips in and out of various characters using tone of voice, accents and physicality to become another. It is at these points in the narrative where the audience sees a glimmer of his alter-ego Marcel Lucont, and a glimmer of genius.


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