Marcel Lucont

Marcel Lucont Press 2014 (1) - photo by Adam Robertson

by Joanna Orland

“It says a lot that the future of British comedy is French.”

Marcel Lucont is not one to shy away from glorifying his own ingenuity.  A flâneur and raconteur since birth, his sardonic take on British culture is not malicious, but merely Marcel’s attempt to “hold up a mirror to the rugged faces of the British” to allow them the opportunity to improve themselves.

“I do my best to help.  I’m an altruist for money.”

Listen to our interview with Marcel to hear his advice on the delicate dance of desire (dating), his explanation of how he became so fantastique (he was born this way) and his high cultured opinion on life in Britain.


See Marcel Lucont at Edinburgh Festival Fringe –

Marcel Lucont: Is – A modern man’s majestic musings on mortality, morality, and masculinity from multi awarddeserving maverick Marcel Lucont. Is is a multimedia mélange of magnificence mixing up standup, songs and poetry, with a dash of visual trickery. Louche as ever, with Is Marcel treats Edinburgh once again to a full hour of Himself. Lucky Edinburgh.

King Dome: Pleasance Dome
22:00 (23:00)

Previews 30 Jul – 1 Aug
12, 18-19 , 25Aug
4-7, 13-14, 20-21 Aug
2-3, 8-10, 15-17, 22-24

No show Mon 11 Aug

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