Cariad Lloyd


by Joanna Orland

If anyone else were to hear voices in their head, you would likely express concern.  But with actor, improviser and character comedian Cariad Lloyd, these voices are more likely to lead to excellent performances rather than something sinister.  Cariad has taken her characters from her head to the page, the page to the stage, and the stage to the screen with her BBC3 pilot The Cariad Show.  She’s most recently featured her characters over the airwaves with The Cariad Radio Show.

From her days as an actor to her current career in comedy, Cariad took the time to speak to Loose Lips about the voices in her head, her love and life of improv, and all of the amazing performances that she’s involved with.


You can see Cariad Lloyd at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival:

Cariad & Louise’s Character Hour, 16:00.
The Counting House, Laughing Horse Free Festival

Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel, 13:40
Queen Dome, Pleasance Dome

Cariad & Paul: A Two Player (Improvised) Adventure, 20:10
18th-23rd August
Jack Dome, Pleasance Dome 

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