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Ever dream of living your life like an action movie?  Well, now you can – StreetWars is THE watergun assassination tournament and it’s coming back to London in June!

Its last London outing in 2010 saw over 300 Londoners take part in the greatest assassination frenzy this side of a Rambo movie.  How it works is that participants who sign up by the May 18th deadline will hand over their personal details including name, email, phone number and address to a complete stranger who will then stalk them with the intention of soaking them to “death” with water pistols.

Players are matched to a target who they must track and eliminate.  When the last player is standing, he/she must soak the New York founders Supreme Commander and Mustache Commander in order to win the tournament and claim their victory prize of £500 along with the pride of knowing that they are the ultimate assassin.

Players can compete on their own or as a team of up to five members.

Registration Deadline is May 18th, 2014
Game Runs May 31st – June 28th, 2014

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