EastEnd Cabaret


by Joanna Orland

Bernadette Byrne is the diva.  Victor Victoria is the half moustachioed musician.  Together, they are EastEnd Cabaret.

The duo have known each other since they were children, performing together at such occasions as family functions, whether wanted or not.  Having spent their younger years freaking out their relatives, EastEnd Cabaret eventually moved to London and officially formed as a double act.  It was about 4 years ago when they first moved into their bedsit in Hackney where they remain today, sharing a bed.

Lyrically their songs are about life.  Mainly Bernadette’s life.  Bernadette writes about the interesting people she meets and the bizarre things that happen to her.  Their songs are about things people can relate to in some way shape or form, the proof lying in the fact that people often come up to them after their shows to overshare their similar stories.  This particularly relates to their hit single Danger Wank, a concept they believe all people relate to, even if they may have their own name for it. Don’t deny it – You know what they’re talking about…

While Bernadette sings the lyrics, Victy is the instrumentalist of the group.  With a wide breadth of musical influences, Victy displays much enthusiasm while listing off some of her favourites, showing particular respect for “anybody who plays a buttload of instruments” much like she does herself. Some of the instruments Victy plays include piano, violin, accordion, glockenspiel, mandolin, musical saw, kazoo, Peruvian nose flute, harp, and ukulele.  There are probably more to add to this list, but there was a time limit on this interview.

Their songs are risque, as is their look.  Fashion wise, Victy is the one who makes the duo’s outfits, mostly out of necessity.  After all, there isn’t much on the clothing market for the half-man-half-woman.  While Victy has thought about starting her own label for those with such bespoke needs, Bernadette has advised her otherwise.  It’s probably for the best as with all of those instruments to play, Victy has enough to keep her busy.

EastEnd Cabaret have currently taken over hosting duties for the long-running show Friday Night Freaks.  Currently on at the Udderbelly Festival on London’s Southbank, Friday Night Freaks is a show filled with acts who are pushing the boundaries and testing the audience’s limits in terms of the risque factor and subject matter, not patience of course.  There is an array of interesting talent on the bill for EastEnd Cabaret’s second year as hosts.  You can read our review of our first Friday Night Freaks show experience.

In addition to their hosting duties, EastEnd Cabaret have been working on their latest show Sexual Tension which will run at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  The show is about addressing sexual tension and letting it out.  I’m sure the audience will be in for some sexy tense fun from this “hilariously-filthy” duo.


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