Luisa Omielan


by Joanna Orland

Luisa Omielan is a stand up comedian. Her debut show What Would Beyonce Do?! took the comedy world by storm. She’s currently previewing her new show Am I Right Ladies?! ahead of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Luisa generously took the time to answer our prodding questions:

When did you first decide you wanted to be a comedian?

I have always wanted to perform comedy, since I was knee high, I loved the feeling of making people laugh.

How did you forge a career in comedy – what was the path that led you here?I pursued acting and performance from a young age, doing drama at GCSE and then again at A level, then stand up as part of my degree in performing arts.  I just always tried to pursue it.  I was painfully aware that growing up, the only way into acting seemed to be if you went to private school or could afford drama school.  I couldn’t do either, so I just pursued it in other ways. Then six years ago I started doing stand up on the open mic circuit, just because it meant I could perform.

How did you go from open mic circuits to having your own full-fledged show?

After going from 5 to 10 to 20 minute spots, I would go to Edinburgh festival in the summer and put on a comedy show.  I would do two-handers, so two comics do half an hour each. I had done ten shows at the fringe festival and so i wanted to go back because I loved it so much.  I had done 30 minutes, I had done adult comedy shows, kids comedy shows, improv shows, the next obvious step was to challenge myself with an hour. SO the process began to put together all my 5 minute materials from the last five years.

Who are some of your comedic influences?

Whoopi Goldberg, Caroline Rhea, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy. They all have superb comic timing and are great clowns.  They are physically hilarious, the facial expressions they pull, I just love them!

Why did you choose Beyoncé as your inspiration for your show WWBD?

Because she is my age and she is SLAMMING! She is a great role model!

If Beyoncé didn’t exist, who are some other influential figures that you might base a show on? 

I wanted to do a show called ‘What Would Cher Do?!‘ but no one seemed that excited about that title apart from my gay friend David… I have loved Cher from a  really young age.  I have all her albums and know all her songs.  For me, she is the original diva.

How hard is it to share such personal, emotional content with an audience?

Really hard when it’s going badly – you just look mental and like you are over sharing.  But when they are laughing and enjoying the show you, feel very safe in their hands.

Is comedy cathartic for you, almost as a form of therapy?

Oh my goodness, yes, so much so! It’s kinda healing, because you put all your flaws out to the world and they celebrate them with you.  It’s pretty electric when it works!

Is there anything too personal that you wouldn’t share?

Sometimes I wanna flash on stage but that’s a whole nother type of performance.  So that’s probably it, getting actually naked.

What will your next show be about, and when can we expect it?

It’s a follow up from WWBD and the year I’ve had.  By the looks of the previews so far, it’s going to be about life as as single lady and me trying to change that.

What plans do you have for the future?

I have a pilot coming up for Radio 2 which I am currently working on. I have WWBD shows on May 9th and 17th in London at the Udderbelly. I want to take WWBD to every city in the country.  I have hopefully another run in New York in July and then my new show Am I Right Ladies?! at the Counting House in Edinburgh. I would like to have a West End run of Beyoncé in the autumn followed by a 3 week run in the main house at Soho Theatre with Am I Right?!.  That’s what I would like to happen – we shall see!

If there were only 1 word to summarize Luisa Omielan, what would that word be?

Fabulous xx


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