Judith Hill


by Ella Jean

Judith Hill is the rising star being lifted by the Oscar winning film 20 Feet From Stardom.  It’s a touching documentary uncovering the history of back-up vocalists from the 1960’s to present day.

Judith Hill is the present.  Her biggest gig was the one she never got to do: She was set to support Michael Jackson on his This is It tour before his sudden passing in 2009.  An accomplished support vocalist, Hill is now stepping into her own as a solo artist.  Many of her fans hope that as the film gets more attention, so will Hill’s natural talent.

We had the chance to talk to Judith at her hotel in London.  She looked gorgeous in her signature unique, vibrant style, but it was easy to tell how much of a toll her hard work has taken on her.  Judith has already had quite the career – We talked about everything from Carole King to The X Factor to the power drink that keeps her going to what important lessons she’s learned from Michael Jackson.

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