Mae Martin


Comedy, Interviews | by — February 20, 2014



by Joanna Orland

Mae Martin is one of the lucky ones.  At the young age of 13, she already knew what her life would hold for her as she began to forge her career in comedy.  Paving her career path by starting out studying improv, Mae continued full steam ahead by leaving school behind to solely focus her attention on comedy.

Having grown up on the comedy scene of Toronto, Mae has now found herself a new home in London, UK.  While not quite the world of Pottermore she was expecting (“it’s more 1984 than Goblet of Fire“), Mae has found the UK comedy scene revitalizing as it is more of a booming industry than the one in Toronto.  Referring to London as the “mecca” of comedy and declaring that “it’s starting to really feel like home here”, Mae seems to be here to stay.

While some of Mae’s previous material has had a musical comedy focus, that aspect of her set is now being phased out as she is finding direct standup much more enjoyable and natural at the moment.  Her love of music is still prominent in her set and when she speaks of it with such great passion.  Not possessing much of a discerning palette as far as musical tastes go, Mae listens to most everything from Rufus Wainwright, to The Beatles, to The Spice Girls and Justin Bieber.  90’s R&B along with the theme tune to Friends is her music of choice to really motivate her before going on stage to perform.

Much of Mae’s passion for pop culture and life comes across in her material.  In fact, a lot of personal content also comes through as she reveals stories of her family members, childhood friends and adolescence.  While some anecdotes may be embellished for the sake of the joke, all are based in truth, which makes Mae’s comedy very personal, endearing and relatable.

Mae will be recording a live album in April that will consist of some of her best songs, jokes and anecdotes.  Look for this album to be released on iTunes, make sure to buy it, and make copies for all of your friends.

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