Jenny Wilson


Interviews, Music | by — February 15, 2014

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JennyWilson2Listen to our interview with Jenny Wilson to hear of her struggles, her passions, and her perseverance in the fight against injustice.

by Joanna Orland

If you search in Google for the Swedish musician “Jenny Wilson”,  results reveal that she’s been collaborating with other Swedish musical sensations The Knife and Robyn, but that was many years ago now.  In the time since these collaborations, Jenny Wilson has come very far as an artist.  Most recently she is promoting her album DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! leading to Jenny’s nominations in seven categories at the Swedish Grammys including Album of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year.

DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE!, alongside all of Jenny’s artistic efforts, is extremely powerful as it examines political as well as personal struggles.  The title of the album is a dedication to the protest slogan that was prevalent in Paris of 1968, whose full expression is “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”.  And that is just what Jenny does through her music.  Overcoming various personal hardships, trying to defy political ones, Jenny uses her musical persona to build a universe where her musical, visual and political ideas can thrive.

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