Jay Foreman


Comedy, Interviews | by — February 12, 2014


JayForemanIf you’d like to say “hello” to Jay Foreman, why not listen to our interview with him by pressing play on the audio player below his photo above.

by Joanna Orland

Jay Foreman grew up in a musical family.  His brother is beatboxer Beardyman, and his mother a children’s party entertainer – is it any wonder that he ended up as a musical comedian himself?

Jay began performing comedic songs as a student at the University of York, at various open mic nights that were filled with guitarists performing covers of indie songs.  Wanting to stand out from the usual indie fare, Jay started to write songs with funny lyrics.  People started to take notice, with one of his early videos Moon Chavs going viral.  And so began the musical comedy career of Jay Foreman.

Jay sat down with me to discuss his career beginnings, his musical family, how to write a comedic song, and his shame of Moon Chavs.  He even went as far as to reveal the complex writing process for his much loved Every Tube Station Song:

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