Cracking the Fringe: A New Guide To Blitzing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Jon Gracey (formerly of sketch comedy group The Beta Males) and Viv Egan (shortlisted for the 2011 Allen Wright Award) have created and produced a new guide to navigating the Edinburgh Fringe – the biggest arts festival in the world.

Cracking the Fringe makes navigating the Fringe so much easier and has contributions from Fringe veterans and performers.  There are practical tips, insider shortcuts, and Fringe hacks to help new Fringe-goers get their heads around how it all works.  Authors Jon Gracey and Viv Egan not only have many years under their belts as Fringe attendees, but have also spoken to a variety of performers, producers, venue staff and press who also have years of Fringe experience behind them.  Interviewees include Nick Helm, Cariad Lloyd and Benny Davis.

“We decided to write Cracking the Fringe about a year ago when we realised that our experience of 10 Edinburgh Fringes could become a decent repository of knowledge and tips. Between us and our network of comics, theatremakers, producers and technical staff, we knew we could create a really in-depth guide that tells you the things that many people just don’t realise will be part of the Fringe experience – like what to do when you’ve got a bad review, or how to flyer. It’s a real insider’s look at the realities of doing a Fringe run for an entire month.”
– Jon & Viv

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The book is available for order via Amazon in both paperback and Kindle edition, as well as a digital download via

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