Bombay Bicycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long_BBC_small
So Long, See You Tomorrow
Bombay Bicycle Club
Featuring Lucy Rose, Rae Morris
Release date: February 3rd, 2014

by Joanna Orland

London’s Bombay Bicycle Club are one of the UK’s most prolific bands, releasing four albums in a mere five years.  With their fourth So Long, See You Tomorrow released on February 3rd 2014, the band continue to fearlessly evolve their sound by blending genres, influences, and sounds to create an eclectic masterpiece.

The band’s sound has always been diverse.  So Long, See You Tomorrow seems to have elements of Wild Beasts, Sigur Rós, James Blake as well as Bombay Bicycle Club of old.  This is a band who are not afraid to do what they want rather than follow a direct career path.  Perhaps this fearlessness is a factor in why Bombay Bicycle Club have straddled the line of successful and underrated.  Starting off as a more typical indie band, they have developed a very strong live following, and continue to innovate their music with each new album, currently straying much more into the electronic, experimental and dreampop end of the musical spectrum.

While the entire album is a solid and wonderful musical experience, it is the closing track and namesake of the album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, that fully encompasses all of the band’s efforts.  It is the most beautiful track of the album with frontman Jack Steadman’s vocal tones rivaling those of Jónsi from Sigur Rós.  This track also pays a lovely homage to previous Bombay Bicycle Club album A Different Kind of Fix by referencing How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep, making a huge statement on how iconic and signature their complex sound has become.

It was on A Different Kind of Fix that Bombay Bicycle Club’s ambition was fully displayed.  It is with So Long, See You Tomorrow that it is fully realized.

Track Listing:

1) Overdone
2) It’s Alright Now
3) Carry Me
4) Home By Now
5) Whenever Wherever
6) Luna
7) Eyes Off You
8) Feel
9) Come To
10) So Long, See You Tomorrow

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