Bridie Jackson and The Arbour


by Cristina Aragon

Our first encounter with Bridie Jackson and The Arbour was at The Lord Mayor of London’s Spectacular City Music Foundation Concert which left us wanting to hear more from the enchanting quartet.  It was a treat having the opportunity to see them at the The Islington – an intimate venue that allowed us to get a different feel for their performance.  In contrast to the acoustics at the Milton Court Concert Hall which gave an ethereal feel to their music, The Islington provided a more intimate and direct sound.  But regardless of the venue, their flawless vocal harmonies, perfectly showcased in their Folk songs, are remarkable.

It is impossible not to be hooked from the moment they start playing their set. These talented multi instrumentalist create arrangements that evoke dreamy and magical places.  It is very refreshing to see them using a Cajon and the hand chimes Belleplates as they give them an unusual texture. However, it feels that they are now ready to push their talent further and leave the safety of their current repertoire to keep developing their style. Their performance feels slightly sterile at times and in need of personality and engagement with their audience. Nevertheless, Bridie Jackson and The Arbour have certainly mastered Folk and they are an act not be missed. We will keep and eye on their development as we look forward to hearing them push their musical boundaries and mature as a band.

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