Virgin: 40 Years of Disruptions


by Amanda Farley

Wednesday night saw the opening of Virgin Records ‘Disruptions’ exhibition in London. On display was a unique array of musical culture from the punk rock era right through until the modern day. Memorabilia, costumes, props, instruments, artwork and archive footage from The Sex Pistols, Spice Girls, Emeil Sandé, Professor Green and many more prominent acts all form part of the show.

As the audience move around the space, they pass through a musical treasure trove which has some beautiful surprises hidden within including The Sex Pistol’s iconic ‘God Save the Queen’ album art work, Mike Rutherford’s double-necked Rickenbacker, a small selection of Professor Green’s fan mail, a Phil Collins’ owned drum kit and much more. For a 90’s child, my highlight was the Union Jack dress made famous by Geri Halliwell and the recreation of the original Virgin Records’ Oxford Street shop as it appeared in the ’90s.

Victoria House provides a nice compliment to the artwork and footage on show. The rough and ready nature of the space feeds into the alternative and edgy style of the pieces on display, particularly the posters and photographs of The Sex Pistols. There is an undeniable sense of danger, underground movement and anarchy about certain areas within this exhibit.

If there’s one thing that jumps out from this show it is how much influence Virgin Records has had on our musical landscape. Since it began life as a mail order music company, it has grown and expanded into an international record chain and has won its place as an integral part of pop culture. Now 40 years old, the label has become as iconic as the acts it has represented. Perhaps this is best seen in the fact that the Virgin stylised signature is as recognisable as any of the album covers it appears on. This exhibit definitely has the feel of a celebration for a company that is not only looking back on its past triumphs but also forward to the next wave of influential artist it plans to sign.

Also as part of the birthday celebrations Virgin has released a 5-disc compilation and is hosting a series of gigs at London’s Koko. More details about the upcoming gig can be found here.

40 Years of Disruptions runs from October 24th-29th. Admission is free and further details can be found here:

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