Filth London Premiere


 by Joanna Orland

The latest film adaptation based on an Irvine Welsh novel is the most exciting film to come out in recent years.  In the same Scottish and gritty vein as the successful adaptation of Trainspotting, Filth explores the mental downward spiral of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, played brilliantly by James McAvoy.  This is a very artistic and hard-hitting look at mental illness, with the performance of McAvoy’s career.  You can read my full review of Filth, but in the meantime here is what happened when the stars hit the red carpet for the London premiere of Filth which opens in UK cinemas this Friday, October 4th.

James McAvoy discusses his role in Filth

Imogen Poots plays Amanda in the film.  She discusses her opionion of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson

Eddie Marsan is brilliant as Bladesey.  Here he discusses working on the film

The beautiful Shauna MacDonald plays Bruce’s wife Carole.  There’s a vague spoiler, but nothing too revealing if you dare

Emun Elliott is a metrosexual policeman in Filth. There is a wee spoiler, so tread lightly

Irvine Welsh wrote the book Filth

Actor John Sessions says way too much in this SPOILER filled interview

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