R.I.P. Jeanne Cooper


News, Television | by — May 8, 2013

Actress Jeanne Cooper, best known as Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless, has passed away at the age of 84.  A soap opera veteran with nearly 40 years playing Mrs. C. on Y&R, Jeanne has been struggling with an unknown illness which led to her death earlier this morning.

It was practically a lifetime ago that I spent my summer as an intern on my favourite Soap Opera, The Young & the Restless.  I packed my bags and left Toronto for the unknown and lonely life in Los Angeles.  Not only being a Hollywood actress but a soap star of the highest order, I expected Jeanne to exude full on Diva status.  There was an unspoken rule for us interns to not bother Jeanne, and most of the time we never crossed paths.  But when we did, she was an utter joy.  A lovely and feisty lady whose vulgar language and sense of humour would make her iconic Y&R counterpart Mrs. C. blush.  She was just pure awesomeness and she will be missed.

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