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Club Attitude

Village Underground, London
March 26, 2013

Wave Machines played Club Attitude at London’s Village Underground, an evening put on by charity organization Attitude is Everything, an organization set up to improve deaf and disabled people’s access to live music.  What made this gig especially unique was the interpreter who used sign language to articulate the band’s lyrics to the deaf public in the audience.  Alongside full disabled access and a viewing area in front of the stage, this gig emphasized that everyone has the right to enjoy live music with equal opportunity.

The band impressed the crowd with their unique blend of electro-pop / indie / shoegaze music that sounds even richer live than on album.  With their many musical toys and a keen passion for what they do, the band seemed to enjoy their set as much as the audience did.  The intricacies of their music were very prevalent even in their live set.  Recreating songs from their two albums, the band didn’t miss a trick.

What was evident from watching the band live is that the band is comprised of serious musicians / sound aficionados who not only genuinely love what they do for a living, but who also know all of the ins and outs of their equipment and how to get the best sound out of each piece.  Their love of music in general comes across in their blend of genres, playing guitar indie based hits like Punk Spirit in the same set as the more electronic Ill Fit.  They do one genre as well as the next.

If you’re a fan of either of Wave Machines’ records, they are certainly worth seeing live.  The band breathe new life into their songs through their playfulness and passion.  Overall, what a fun gig!

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