Hitchcock – In UK Cinemas from Today!


Film, News | by — February 8, 2013

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Viewers across the UK have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of biographical drama Hitchcock, which looks at the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s critically acclaimed horror film, Psycho. Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson portrays Janet Leigh, the American actress cast to be Hitchcock’s leading lady. Johansson’s characters have transformed throughout the years, from her very first on screen performance in the 1994 comedy North, to leading lady in highly awarded Lost in Translation.

While there was a missed opportunity for Johansson to shine in what could have been a perfect role for her as beautiful blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in last year’s Marilyn starring Michelle Williams in the title role, Hitchcock has swooped in and cast Johansson as another iconic blonde Hollywood legend Janet Leigh.  Not an opportunity missed with this film which has chosen its casting to perfection.  Alongside Johansson, Hitchcock stars Helen Mirren as Hitchcock’s wife Alma, and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the title role as Alfred Hitchcock himself.

Hitchcock is in UK cinemas from today!

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