Patrick Wolf: Rough Trade East


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Rough Trade East

December 5th, 2012

by Joanna Orland

Patrick Wolf is celebrating his 10th year in the music industry with the release of his acoustic album Sundark and Riverlight. The double album features acoustic reworks of tracks from Patrick’s ten year catalogue – including The Magic Position, The Libertine, Wind in The Wires, Hard Times and Together.

Patrick took his acoustic tour to his hometown of London to play an in-store performance at Rough Trade East on Brick Lane.  This rare intimate gig attracted some of his most devoted fans, whom he rewarded with a thorough demonstration of his soulful vocals and beautiful instrumentation which included various combinations of piano, harp, violin, accordion and guitar.

The audience was either dancing away gleefully or stunned silent by the beauty of his songs and presence.  His stage persona is as quirky as ever, but with a sense of vulnerability that makes him and his music all the more endearing.

Sundark and Riverlight is out now.  If you’re familiar with Patrick’s catalogue, this makes a welcome addition.  If not, well it is certainly a powerful introduction.

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