Shia LaBeef

by Dani Aronson

The other night I was at dinner with my parents- at il mulino. Shia LaBeouf came in and sat at the table next to us. My mom got very excited and pointed aggressively in his direction (kill me!) because ‘they had just watched wall street 2 on the Netflix the night before’. My dad wanted to say something to him, because our close family friends (let’s call them M/D) were producers and head writers on Shia’s first big break- Disney channel hit Even/Stevens. M/D always said they based many of the storylines for that show on me and my younger brother (aka MC Zoots aka the REAL Shia LeBeef).

I talked dad out of accosting LeBeef at his table because that’s totally inappropriate NYC etiquette to go up to someone while they are eating dinner in a fancy restaurant. So— after a long dinner, we walk out, and who is standing all alone having a cigarette outside- Shia. So my dad goes “Heyyyy Shiaaaa’ and tells him about our M/D connection. Shia seems legitimately excited, because he said ‘he grew up on that show and they were my family’.Then my mom says ‘we just watched wall street 2 on netflix last night’. Then, my dad puts his hand on Shia’s shoulder and says (in his thick Brooklyn accent) ‘the movie was horrible, but you were great’ (UGHHHHHHH… MORTIFIED!). To that Shia responds ‘yeah, it was a horrible movie’. HAHA! Gotta love Shia LeBeef.

We spoke about M/D, the show, let him know what they were up to… He said that he is DONE with transformers. He swore to me he was ready to do independent films. We shall see Shia! We also discussed our love for Carey Mulligan… although, it’s obvious he loves her more than I do.

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