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The Forum, London
June 8, 2011

by Joanna Orland

The only thing inspiring about this gig was the conception of our Ladytron tribute act – Ladyboytron. We would really work that stage!!! Alas, the original Ladytron weren’t workin it all that much.

First off, the sound was awful. Second, for an electronic band that have been doing what they’ve been doing for about 8 years, they certainly have no rapport, energy, tight music playing skills, or even desire to be on stage. The only people more bored than the audience were the band members themselves!

The main lead lady singer was excellent and should seriously consider breaking away from the band and going solo. She’s fun, good vocally, and nice to look at. The others were in a coma. I did see them live about 8 years ago and recalled the sound being awful, the band being sloppy, and not enjoying the gig all that much. I had foolishly assumed that after 8 years on the road, they would up their game. But we all know what to assume does!

Hopefully this time next year you’ll all be watching Ladyboytron at The Forum and it will be a much more exciting evening out!

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