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Shepherds Bush Empire
June 9, 2011

by Joanna Orland

Let’s get this out of the way – type in “Jamie Woon” into your iPhone. Yes, autocorrect’s darling Jamie Woonsocket is the one to watch on the music scene at the moment. Selling out Shepherds Bush Empire with a horde of screaming fans (Wooo-ooon), Jamie ‘Swoon’ seems to be a favourite with the ladies. And you can see why – what a soulful and smooth voice!

Whilst he is obviously talented and an excellent singer, his music is more of a listen-at-home kind of vibe, with the most mellow sounds of all time. SMOOTH! Whilst extremely dull, it was still so Niice and beautiful. I don’t know how something so boring can be so enjoyable, but it just was!

I find Jamie’s sound mystifying. He went to our uni (Westminster) while we were there… As far as I can remember, he was the guy who always had an acoustic guitar in hand, playing acoustic sets at our student bar The Undercroft. Where did these R&B-inspired ambient electronic sounds come from? Wherever from, hope they’re here to stay… Swoonsocket

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