Get Loaded in the Park

Clapham Common
June 12, 2011

by Joanna Orland

There were an awful lot of folk bands on for a festival with such an aggressive name as “Get Loaded in the Park”. Not that that’s at all a complaint. In fact, it was a blessing. Featuring some of today’s top acts of the genre including Slow Club, Johnny Flynn and Patrick Wolf among others, 2011’s Get Loaded in the Park was a big departure from its dance-heavy predecessors.

First of all, there is no tip-toeing around the fact that it was EFFING FREEZING and damp with a windy downpour of rain that scared off even an appropriately-dressed and regular festival-goer such as myself.

Los Campesinos! were the first act we caught on the mainstage. A wannabe Arcade Fire, the band can hold their own, but a main stage band they are not. They are more small tent material. But a good and enjoyable set nonetheless.

The downpour was getting on our nerves after this, so we thought we’d wander over to the two “indoor” tents to see what was on. The first band we saw in the Gigwise tent was a generic indie band called Spector. Fine tunes and tight act, but a singer who deserves a punch in the hipster face.

Over in the Last.FM tent, we had a fab discovery of Sixnationstate. Infectious tunes and energy, with a singer who looks like Stephen Page of BNL (you all know what BNL is, don’t pretend you’re cool). Anyway, I loved these guys! Their song Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore (or something to that extent) was the BEST!

Outside it was still raining – but nothing brings the sun out quite like Patrick Wolf! LEGEND! Arriving on stage wearing an obscene amount of mint green, Patrick stole the show at the festival. With this gig being somewhat of a homecoming for the Wandsworth-raised Wolf, he was all about entertaining the audience. Piano, Harp, Ukulele, Stage Diving, Silly Hat, Banter, Ginger, Mint, TUNEAGE, this guy had it all! Patrick Wolf in for the win!

We were seriously chuffed to see Slow Club and Johnny Flynn scheduled for 6 and 7pmish respectively. But, by about 5pm I was soaked to the bone and could not take the cold wind any longer. I bailed. I am a RUBBISH Slow Club / Johnny Flynn fan! Also, I didn’t get to laugh at Johnny Borrell’s headline act Razorlight. Shame.

Anyway, the Patrick Wolf show was a good day out, but could’ve used some serious sunshine to make it work!


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