West is West

In UK Cinemas February 25th

by Joanna Orland

When seeing the sequel to East is East, I honestly couldn’t remember a thing about the first film, except that the father George always took half a cuppa tea because he was only half British. It didn’t matter much that I couldn’t remember the first film and the Khan family’s previous trials and tribulations. West is West stands alone as its own film as much as it does as a sequel.

Following the story of Sajid, the youngest Khan, and father George, as George drags his son to Pakistan to educate him on his culture. There are lots of cameos and appearances by other Khan family and friends which is always a delight. But the pure enjoyment of this film comes from watching Sajid come to terms with his heritage, and George coming to terms with his Pakistani family and life that he left behind for Britain.

Sajid is particularly amusing with his thick Mancunian accent, and there are lots of other comedic moments to lighten the dramatic ones. Overall, a great film and worth a watch whether or not you remember the first!

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