127 Hours

In Cinemas January 5, 2011

by Joanna Orland

The super-hyped new Danny Boyle film 127 Hours stars James Franco and is based on Aron Ralston’s story of 127 hours of entrapment under a boulder in an isolated canyon in Utah. During these 5 days, Ralston has surreal flashbacks and hallucinations that examine his life in a rather abstract, yet captivating and emotional way. As the story is based on true events, it is no secret that in order to eventually escape certain death, Ralston has to sever his own arm. It was depicted very realistically and gruesomely, but also optimistically as this story is about perseverance, survival, life and love.

Only Danny Boyle can make a story about a man trapped under a rock enthralling, vibrant, surreal, emotional, abstract, stylized and unique. This is a fantastic film with very little plot, but a very positive message. I expect Boyle to win the Best Director Oscar for this one!

Danny could not achieve this gem of a film without lead actor James Franco’s natural performance as Aron. James has made some real stinkers in his time, but key roles he has undertaken, including this one, has solidified his career as an Actor, not just a celebrity. Hollywood has recognized this as well, having lined up Franco to co-host the Oscars with another Young Hollywood icon-in-the-making Anne Hathaway.

Between James’ performance, Danny’s direction, and Aron’s story, 127 Hours is a hot ticket. I expect the Oscars to be all over this one! Go watch it if you have the stomach for it. I must warn you, it is claustrophobic, tense, upsetting, gruesome, and powerful.

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