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by Joanna Orland

We at Loose Lips are very fortunate folk. We get to meet some very interesting and high profile people, and over the years can perhaps be found guilty of being a bit jaded by it all. How nice it is when we come across someone as refreshing, lovely and talented as Cocknbullkid, real name Anita Blay.

As soon as she said hello, I knew it would be an enjoyable interview. Also having heard her music, I knew that she is a talented lady with a bright future ahead of her. And man can she SING!

Anita’s pseudonym Cocknbullkid means “bullshitter”, in England English terms. Not that she’s saying she’s a compulsive liar, but she uses her lyrics to tell stories, and that to her is the most important thing about music.

“I just have always liked that…idea of a songwriter blurring the lines between fact and fiction…The thing with lyrics is that they’re timeless, whereas sonics, or you know, a genre of music is always interchangeable- people get bored of things. A great lyric will always remain a great lyric. “

Clearly more inspired by musicians with poignant lyrics rather than catchy tunes, Cocknbullkid manages to achieve both with her music. Collaborating with pianist / songwriter Gonzales on half of the album probably didn’t hurt her any.

Starting off her musical career with more of an electro sound with songs such as I’m Not Sorry, her sound has evolved into more of a lush pop one, with orchestral arrangements and more elaborate composition.

“I’d been doing or dabbling on the sort of cusp of something for years, and when I finally got the deal…I just thought there’s no point in just doing what I’ve done before…I feel like I’d been given a new lease and I just want to do something that I can afford to do in a way, and that was work with different people and just really open my mind and open my…options.“

Even though she is destined for stardom, Anita is still quite humble. And as usual, our infamous question of “If there were one word to sum you up, what would that word be?” threw her for a loop.


Um… not even… try again…


Much more appropriate me thinks!

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