Sigur Rós: We Play Endlessly

Odeon Covent Garden
November 10, 2008

by Joanna Orland

Sigur Rós exclusively screened two short films which are featured in their deluxe edition of their album me_ su_ í eyrum vi_ spilum endalaust out November 17th. Director Nick Abrahams was also on hand for a short q&a after the screening which was a very nice touch.

The thing about Sigur Rós is that their music is so ethereal that any picture put to it will have the same effect. The first film was a documentary of their session at Abbey Road Studios and was a beautiful insight into their recording session. The second film was more surreal and abstract, again put to the band’s music.

Although completely different in style, these films had the same effect on the audience. The same effect I get each time I see Sigur Rós live or even just put on one of their albums. Sucked into an otherworldly TRANCE.

They are a beautiful band with charming characters and unearthly music. I can’t wait to see them live at Alexandra Palace for their 2 dates in London November 20th & 21st.

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