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Electrowerkz, London
November 5, 2010

by Joanna Orland

MEN are a Brooklyn-based band fronted by JD Samson of Le Tigre fame. This band hasn’t even released their debut album yet, but they seem to have quite the dedicated following! Albeit, at the Electrowerkz gig it was a 95% lesbian following, this band’s music transcends their political lyrics and imagery. The tunes are great, the sound is catchy and their energy is infectious. Mostly obvious from when the first 3 rows of the audience STORMED the stage to join in on Credit Card Babies to JD and the band’s surprise!

While you can tell from watching the trio live that they have a way to go before becoming super tight and confident in their musical performance, it was just so raw and fresh that it was way more fun than watching a band who’s been together for years. There is so much potential here! I love JD’s other work with Le Tigre, so maybe I’m biased as you can hear the strong influence of Le Tigre in MEN, but eff it. They’re great and I want more! Can’t wait to hear their debut album out January 31, 2011. In the meantime, their latest single Off Our Backs is out tomorrow!

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