Despicable Me


Features, Film, Review | by — October 13, 2010


In UK Cinemas from October 15

by Joanna Orland

This film is certainly the opposite of despicable with such a solid story, loveable characters and cute little yellow dudes! Awww….

Despicable Me follows Gru, played Eastern-Europeanly by Steve Carell, who is a super villain who feels threatened by an up-and-coming newbie on the scene, Vector, played by Jason Segel. Gru needs to top Vector’s evil deeds to regain his rank as number one super villain. His idea is to steal the moon, a lifelong dream of his. With the help of his little yellow minions and sidekick Dr. Nefarious, played surprisingly well by an unnoticeable Russell Brand, this is exactly what he intends to do.

Gru’s plans are slightly foiled by Vector, which is where 3 little girls come into play. Gru adopts these gals in order to use them to defeat Vector in his evil plots. Being a Dreamworks animation, it’s fairly obvious how this film will progress to be a heart-warming story that sees Gru turn into a loving father figure to these girls, but that’s beside the point. The journey is the enjoyable part. Laughs for adults, cute and colourful things for children, this film will be loved by all! See it now!!!

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