The Harlem Globetrotters

June 7, 2010
Wembley Arena, London

by Joanna Orland

Everyone has heard of The Harlem Globetrotters. Since their inception in Chicago, 1926, the Globetrotters have been an all-American basketball team that combines athleticism, drama and most of all, comedy. Internationally reknowned for their unique combination of physical skill and verbal comedy, the team have been a mainstay in popular culture for 84 years and have even appeared on The Simpsons! That is the defining moment in anyone’s entertainment career of course!

If you haven’t seen them live, you’re still familar with their act, their theme tune of Sweet Georgia Brown, and quite possibly their hilarious mascot Globie who’s been around for 17 years. When you see them live, all the pieces fit together to form a hilariously entertaining night of physical admiration combined with pure shits n giggles. Genius.

While the team were fab, it was Globie’s big brother that stole the show for me. The rubbery larger version of Globie had me in tears when he came out on the court dancing to Chumbawamba. Everytime the lyric “I get knocked down… but i get up again…” played, this *THUD* echoed across Wembley as he whacked himself face first onto the court. What is that if not pure genius? TEARS!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m a crap photographer clearly…. either that, or they’re just way too fast moving for me to capture on film. Here are some of my favourite Harlem Globetrotter highlights from the night:

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