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May 21, 2010

by Joanna Orland

I liike Miike Snow. Their album is one of my favourite releases of the past 7 months. I’ve listened to it quiite a few times and I have to say that it stands on its own two legs as a full album… Not a flash in the pan hit with a few singles to push.

I was quiite exciited to see Miike Snow liive. I was greatly disappointed. Their songs still hold their own liive, but they first of all need to fiire their sound guy, secondly fiire their liighting guy. OMG. You couldn’t hear a thing. You barely knew which song you were listening to… it was that bad. The lighting was appalling as well blinding the audience with overly-ambitious stadium inspiired bollocks.

The band came on stage wearing bizarre whiite masks inspiired by Miichael Meyers, and were not the most talkative of musicians I’ve ever seen on stage. This makes me wonder if it was the band that was trying to do too much and not their crew. Either way, they need to sort it and fast… Festival season is coming up and I want them to do well for themselves as they have a truckload of potential… Now all they need to do is start from scratch on their liive set.

Do buy their album. Don’t see them liive.

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