Johnny Flynn


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Electric Ballroom, Camden
May 26, 2010

by Joanna Orland

Johnny Flynn is single-handedly revolutionizing the English folk scene (ok… with a little help from his good friend, and sometimes duet partner, Laura Marling). With strong influences from Americana and New York’s Anti-folk movements, Flynn has brought new life and English blood into a genre normally dominated by Americans.

I think the most alluring aspect to Flynn is the disconnection between his demeanour and his voice. The man looks about 12 years old with his boyish good looks (real age 27, although I reckon that’s just his stage age….. 15 tops I say!), when he banters on stage, he is soft-spoken, shy and has a bit of a meek voice. When it’s time to play a tune, he becomes possessed by the voice of someone 3 times his age (45) with years of living behind him.

Lyrically he is poetic and interesting; musically he is intricate, melodic and energetic. I can’t say anything negative about Johnny Flynn as much as my jealous side wants me to slag him off! Good looks, amazing voice, talented poet, captivating musician – What a bastard!

Johnny Flynn’s album A Larum is worth not just Spotifying, but purchasing for all music fans of all genres. His Sweet William EP is also certainly worth a listen, and his second album Been Listening, which I am anticipating to be greatness, is out on Transgressive Records on June 7th.

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