The Hidden Cameras

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
March 24, 2010

by Joanna Orland

The Hidden Cameras is one of those gem of a bands you are privileged to know of. A Toronto collective, The Hidden Cameras aren’t yet quite as well known in the UK as their contemporaries such as Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, but in all honesty, they are better in many ways with a career spanning 9 years and often likened to Belle & Sebastian for a UK Indie Pop reference.

The Hidden Cameras tend to play their finest gigs in unconventional venues such as galleries and churches, including their gig at St. Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch last week. This week’s gig was a bit more conventional by comparison, in the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, which they filled to the brim and nearly overheated with their infectious energy. The venue was the only conventional thing about The Hidden Cameras’ performance.

Currently on tour in support of their latest release Origin:Orphan, the 9-piece band put on a stunning performance. Front man / mastermind / ringleader Joel Gibb lead this motley crew of musicians with his charisma, flawless vocals, slick guitar riffs and songs ranging from the beautifully stunning to the awesomely fun. Backing Joel on the ever-rotating Hidden Cameras roster were a few familiar faces with a set up of drums, keys, bass, guitar, trumpet, flute/oboe, cello and violin.

As well as having excellent material to work with, this band was tight. And energetic. And fascinating. Each and every one of these musicians looked like they were having the time of their lives. Even though I’m a fan of the albums, I have to say, the live show brings a new dimension to the music and it is a must see for any fan of music… of any genre.

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