Youth in Revolt

Out in UK Cinemas February 5th

by Joanna Orland

Based on the Nick Twisp novel by C.D. Payne, Youth in Revolt sees Michael Cera playing Michael Cera in a predictable, yet highly entertaining Michael Cera vehicle.

If you don’t like Michael Cera, don’t even bother seeing this film. This film is the epitome of a Michael Cera film. Michael Cera is forever playing the awkward teen, social outcast virgin who is always using big words and dialect far beyond his supposed young years, to a background soundtrack of quirky indie tunes and some claymation. With Youth In Revolt, this is still holding up… but for how much longer can Michael Cera play the awkward teen card?

Hopefully by now you’re playing a Michael Cera drinking game and every time I write the words Michael Cera, you will do a tequila body shot off some awkward virgin teen’s body. ew. Ok… enough about Michael Cera (*burp*). The rest of the Youth In Revolt cast was absolutely stellar!!!

Starring some serious legends such as Steve Buscemi, Fred Willard (genius), Ray Liotta, Jean Smart, Zach Galifianakis (funny fat dude from The Hangover), and Justin Long, the supporting cast manages to shine through in spite of the clear focus on making Cera the focus on screen.

If you like Cera, you know what to expect. But I have to say that this was one of his better performances and more entertaining films. Part of what makes this film so is Cera’s Nick Twisp’s alter ego Francois Dillinger. Francois was basically the devil on Twisp’s shoulder, with the classic evil twin look of Cera in a moustache, with cigarette in hand and the creepiest blue contact lenses EVER! Oh, and a subtle yet hilarious “deeper” voice. I think he was trying out his RANGE there.

Not just about visuals, as with every quirky indie film, notably ones starring MC, the soundtrack was very cute and catchy. I might check that one out on Spotify!

I don’t mean to be so cynical in this review as I ADORE Michael Cera, but I just worry that he won’t be able to play the Michael Cera card for much longer having done it so many times before. But as I’m still enjoying his character, I do recommend seeing this film as it’s as endearing as Michael himself.

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