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Sorry.. have been so caught up in LOSTmania this month, I forgot to spread the gossip. Back to our little plastic reality….

Speaking of The Best Show in the History of EVER… LOST, what are we all thinking about the final season so far? All I know is, as each episode airs, that’s one less LOST left to see. And my heart is breaking. There’s some good real-life scoop on our fave couple Jate! Once LOST ends, main star Matthew Fox (Jack) is giving up Televison. Between Party of Five and Lost, he’s put in about 300 hours of television time. So look for Foxy Matthew on a big screen near you, coming soon. Now our fave female Lostian Evangeline Lilly (Kate) is also giving up television. And acting in general. That’s the most surprising Lost twist of all! Not only has Evangeline Lilly made such an impact as the heroine of this smash success of a show, but according to IMDB, she’s also got a role in this year’s best picture Oscar tip The Hurt Locker. Better to quit on a high I suppose. Will miss Jate on our tubes either way…

Ah.. yes.. One more LOST related item… Matthew Fox may have cheated on his wife with a stripper… Really? But his wife is such a looker:

This is NOT Photoshop. I repeat… this is NOT Photoshop.

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