The Barfly, Camden
Next Big Thing Festival
Feb 5-14th
6 London Venues

by Joanna Orland

Next Big Thing festival is a great idea. Taking the top acts to come for 2010 and putting them on in various London venues in the span of a week and a half.

We checked out Hadouken! ‘s big break at The Barfly in Camden on Friday February 5th. Next Big Thing festival is clearly aimed at the next big generation to come. The audience ranged from about 18-21 years of age all dressed like characters from the hit TV series SKINS. The band themselves I could appreciate on a musical level, but they were definitely down with the kids more than the older non-spring chickens like us and the rest of the adults who hid at the back of the venue admiring the band from afar whilst the youngens moshed away and went mental for their heroes Hadouken!

The band had some great energy, musically fusing influences from Klaxons, Prodigy, The Streets and Metallica. They were a bit all over the place genre-wise, but each song was fierce and had the audience wanting more.

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