Spiral Beach

by Joanna Orland

Spiral Beach were in town to play a couple of London gigs in the midst of their European tour. They spontaneously let me interview them and in spite of having no questions prepared on my part, and a massive hangover on their part… we got some good stuff out of the situation.

Before you read on to see what the band had to say for themselves, here’s a bit of background information on SPIRAL BEACH:

The band hail from Toronto, Canada and dominate the local music scene. In spite of their youthful appearance, they have actually been playing together in this incarnation for 7 years and are tighter, more energetic and certainly more fun than most other bands of their genre. The band is very visual, often using props and sheer energy to get the crowds emotionally involved. Coming to London without their bag of tricks, they had to rely solely on their musical skill, which is extremely prevalent, to win over audiences. Mission accomplished.

I spoke with brothers Daniel and Airick Woodhead who are Drummer and Singer/Guitarist respectively speaking. Singer/Keyboardist Maddy Wilde was on hand as well but she desperately wanted to finish her book Catch 22, which we annoyingly kept preventing her from doing.

Instead of writing more about Spiral Beach, just have a listen to the wonderful spontaneous interview. Please note, I sound completely insane cuz I just downed a coffee and was high on cold medication. And I’m loving the conversation going on in the background! Sounds very animated! Anyway….. if you can’t be bothered to listen to the interview, the one word Spiral Beach say sums up Spiral Beach is “CHAOS”. Made you wanna listen?

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