Super K Sonic Booooum

Nelly Ben Hayoun, sound by Tim Olden
SHUNT, London Bridge

by Joanna Orland

Particle physics in a rubber dinghy? That was the headline for the latest installation at London’s bizarre underground venue SHUNT. This science-inspired exhibition did fall a bit short at times, but overall it was an enjoyable experience.

The centrepiece was a neutron hub with a canoe you could use to row across it. Bizarre, but highly entertaining fodder. The installation was developed by award winning curator Nelly Ben Hayoun and was inspired by physicists at the Super-Kamiokande (Super K) neutrino observatory.

Whilst the installations were stellar, it was the live performance that let the evening down. One example was some lady on a stage who emerged from what looked like to be an ikea paper floor lamp, then she leaned upside down against the wall for a while before people (myself included) got bored and left the room to find something more exciting.

Some of the other live bits looked more enticing, although they were too full up for us to get a spot to see for ourselves. Oh well. I’m sure it’s not a big loss. We enjoyed the art, that was enough to satisfy our artsy needs for the evening.

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