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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Queen Of Hoxton
London, United Kingdom

by Joanna Orland

Toronto indie band Spiral Beach have conquered their hometown, winning audiences over with their fresh, energetic sound and visuals. They embarked on their latest European tour with a stop in London as part of the Canadian Blast at Queen of Hoxton with fellow Canadian bands including Hey Rosetta.

Commanding the headlining slot, Spiral Beach stormed the stage with powerful catchy tunes that fuse elements of ska, rockabilly, pop and indie. Some people may be taken aback by how young they appear to be, but don’t be fooled by youth… Spiral Beach have 7 years experience in what they do and a natural musical ingenuity that has them sounding more professional than bands well into their 30’s.

With their need to scale back a bit on the visual props as they trek across Europe, the band had to heavily rely on their music alone to win over cynical London audiences. Not a problem. Their tunes rock, they are TIGHT, tons of energy and oh-so-much-fun.

Sadly the band haven’t yet released their latest album “The Only Really Thing” this side of the pond, but with today’s Internet culture, you have no excuse not to check them out.

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