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The Lexington

November 13, 2009

by Rowena Carter

Being an Australian living in London, I was intrigued by Little Red who on record, sounded refreshingly different to the average band down under – usually a bog standard rip off of american grunge/indie, with mediocre songs and nothing overly distinctive – Their songs, on first listen were catchy, fun and made me want to bop my head up and down with a big smile on my face…

With my expectations high, I headed down to the Lexington in King’s Cross and found a room full of eager Australians in red flannel check shirts (boys and girls) necking pints whilst they waited for the arrival of their local boys…

The band marched on stage armed with their instruments and several cans of Kronenberg and from then on i have to say it was decidedly less-than-average. The songs were catchy to the point where i recognised the last three songs of the night – up until this point it felt like it was a warm up rehearsal with wayward vocals and a band who couldn’t hold the timing the whole way through.

The highlight for me without a doubt was the drummer, who had a permanent smile on his face. His enthusiasm was contagious and i couldn’t help but smile when he walked straight into the mic on his exit from the stage having necked one too many beers inbetween songs – rock n roll boys, enjoy the lifestyle while you can.. I’m not sure bands like these can survive, without the ability to sing in tune…

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