by Joanna Orland

Smirnoff knows how to put on a party. Nevermind the free-flowing vodka (SWEET), but the atmosphere and entertainment were stellar for a brilliant Saturday night out on the town.

The venue was Hospital Club – an IT place for all you media types out there. The entertainment was CABARET dahling. This included a companion to the IT venue in the form of IT boy of the moment SCOTTEE and his camp flavouring of old jazz tunes.

Avantgarden launches the new campaign for 2009 which will focus on 2 areas:

1) An online advice & resource forum to anyone organising a night to remember
2) A bursary scheme for promoters in Great Britain – offering four contributions of £5,000 to budding promoters to help pay for the overheads of their night

This was indeed a night to remember (or forget, depending on how much vodka you drank).

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