Lox and Cream Sleaze wants you to WHIP IT!

by Dani Aronson

Joanna and I went to Toronto, land of timbits, for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF!). We had George Clooney spotting contests, got Bitch Slapped (and didn’t enjoy it) at midnight madness, ate our weight in loose candy, saw Tony Blair… I mean Michael Sheen’s latest awesome film, and I taunted Chris Rock from behind. My favorite film from the festival had to be WHIP IT! Also keep in mind, we saw it at 11am (I hate mornings) and we were jet-lagged.

Despite all that- we LOVED the film. Great acting, great dialogue, smart ladies kicking ass, a delicious love interest (Landon Pigg), and the film left me with a warm fuzzy feeling like the kind you get after a great night out with friends.

So, despite all the critical acclaim and audience praise of the film— it isn’t doing well. How can this be??!! So, now— loose lippers— I am calling to you. GO SEE THIS FILM. Bring your mothers, your sisters, your friends, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, your lovers, your barmaid… you’ll leave the film wanting to put on a pair of skates and kick ass (as Joanna and I excitedly did).

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