Get Loaded in the Park 2009


by Jon Burns

The British summertime promised some sunshine over the bank holiday, but it decided to be sneaky and hide under the clouds for Get Loaded in the Park in Clapham…but despite the clouds sunglasses were a good option for all, whether escaping from the dust or just escaping reality.

smile for the camera…

The atmosphere was simply cheerful and cheerfully simplistic… i first saw chase and status who spun some tunes which made everyone jump up and down and mime the words. Although, with just a backing track under raps, it felt like the festival equivalent of a Thai curry served in a Chinese…a little unauthentic and disappointing even though it gets the job done. They did however play a rage against the machine classic which fired up the crowd, only to be left hanging a little by Krafty Kuts whose sound got a little lost on the main stage.

Roni Size did not disappoint, with an exclusive UK festival appearance delighting the older section of the crowd as well as the new kids on the dance block. Introducing brown paper bag as pure golden genius made me smile and reminiscent to the last time i saw them at brixton academy. With less edge and a more user friendly sound, Roni Size both softened and lifted the Clapham crowd, and i struggled to keep my drum and bass shapes at bay.

The highlight of the day without question was peaches, who first climbed up the stage set then walked across the crowd whilst bellowing out note perfect singing which may or may not have been mimed. The crowd looked in awe, and then once she fell into the crowd (knocking a few fans out on the way) this turned to respect that one gets for being naughty and sassy with no apparent fear of the consequences.

A little too confined in the tents, to the main stage we headed for Rob Da Bank who played a set that put a smile on everyone’s face as the sun began to set. The day ended with orbital who showed everyone why they are the undisputed kings of dance – laser goggles and all!

Overall, a splendid way to spend bank holiday Sunday in London and i got the distinct feeling that after parties were brewing north south and all around the Clapham vicinity for those who weren’t loaded to the brim, to party on… Let’s face it, 9pm isn’t exactly bedtime for most of us… I just hope the new kids on the dance block could keep up with us old kidz.

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