Michael Jackson sadness…

It’s hard to get any other news coming through outside of Michael Jackson’s untimely passing on June 25th. It was one of those historical moments that will last us our lifetimes. Our parents knew where they were when JFK was assassinated. Where were you when you found out about MJ?

I was at Glastonbury on the Thursday night before it officially started on Friday. I was set up in the second row waiting for Metronomy to come on stage as I was so excited to see them – one of my main Glasto highlights. A minute before they were to take the stage, the girl in front of us checked her BBC RSS feed and it said that Michael Jackson had died. She turned to us in disbelief, showed us the news and we were all speechless. Metronomy took the stage 30 seconds later and played to a partially stunned audience. The entire Glastonbury site had heard within seconds of the news leaking. Walking back from the Metroomy gig, one festival-goer had went past us wearing a frieshly made MICHAEL JACKSON RIP JUNE 25, 2009 t-shirt. Surreal.

Fans are scrambling to get tickets to MJ’s memorial at Staples Centre in LA for this Tuesday July 7th, 2009. Millions have applied. Only a few thousand will be so lucky.

The King of Pop will be buried in a casket fit for a king. Bronze-plated, velvet lined, this is Michael Jackson’s final resting place. So sad.

Michael was looking fit, happy and healthy only 2 days before his death during one of his rehearsals for his planned comeback This Is It Tour. Final performances were captured on video:


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