Revenge of the Jews!

Inglorious Basterds rocks my world!

by Dani Aronson

It’s been a while since a film I saw lived up to the hype. ‘Inglorious Basterds’ does just that and more. The new film from Tarantino is a feast for the eyes. The ultimate revenge fantasy!

I think being an American Jew who is a descendant of actual Holocaust survivors makes the film even more satisfying— but who doesn’t hate the Nazis? Everyone was cheering, clapping, screaming with joy for the final Hitler facial obliteration! They literally take a gun to his face and blast away flesh, skull and brain until there is nothing left of him; then they blow him up.

The acting in the film is beyond great. Eli Roth as Donny Donowitz has replaced Eric Bana as the ultimate sexy Jewish hero— and I thought it would be hard for me to forget what a prick he is in real life. Donny Donowitz can butter my baps till Sabbath. Brad Pitt was hilarious; I think as he gets less young/pretty, his work will get even better. There are some great lines in the film, some beautiful ultra violence and the overall story of the film is great.

Although this movie is nearly three hours, it goes by fast and doesn’t drag at any point. The last scene in the theatre was an incredibly satisfying film experience. Tarantino goes beyond what you think you can tolerate in terms of violence, and makes you foam at the mouth wanting him to go further. Seeing Shoshanna on the screen declaring she is ‘the face of Jewish revenge’ as the theatre goes up in flames made my insides go warm and my brain go YESYESYESYES.

As a generally peaceful person you think ‘violence is wrong’, but your visceral instincts say ‘killthatnazimotherfucker’! Is this film historically accurate? No. Are you going to experience an eye/ear/brain-gasm? Probably. Unlike the random guy you brought home last night, satisfaction guaranteed with this film! There is also some great food porn half way through featuring a delicious German strudel with cream.

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