Adam (G)Lambert: Man of My Dreams / Right-Wing America’s Nitemares

by Joanna Orland

Adam Lambert (GLAMBERT) was ROBBED of the American Idol crown… Why isn’t America ready for a gay American Idol!??

Now there are reports that Idol sponsor AT&T offered free and multiple texting services for fans of “winner” Kris Allen. Bollocks. No one will rember this Kris dude in a week’s time. It’s all about Glambert. He’s already being considered by Queen to become their new lead singer! Seriously Glambert will be fine, but I’m still effin peeved that America is so prejudiced. And PS, Glambert is not just gay, but JEWISH too. So HA to you biggots!

Either way, it’s win win cuz America is happy a generic bland person has won Idol, and by NOT winning, Glambert is causing even more controversy and has basically become the second coming of Christ. Idol producers win cuz they also released Glambert’s Idol single alongside winner Kris’. Wonder who will outsell who. GLAMBERT 4 PREZIDENT!

Oh, and I read that Adam Lambert’s favourite film is Velvet Goldmine. I think he’s my soulmate.

Glambert 4eva. ♥

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