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All Star Lanes
February 14, 2009

by Joanna Orland & Rowena Carter

It was an anti-valentines day affair, which really means it’s for picking up lonely singles. We had no intention of that, but opted for a night of good company, new friends, classic tunes, bowling kicks, dodgy cocktails and some even dodgier dance moves.

We started off a bit hesitant as there wasn’t an obvious dance floor and our cocktails were served to us in metallic glasses which nearly gave us frostbite which surely would have resulted in hand amputation had we not been as sober as we were. The fun kicked off with our bowling league championship finals – RowRow vs. JoJo. RowRow, a natural champion kicked the flailing JoJo’s butt in an unrivalled humiliation. This clearly called for a celebration in the form of more hand-amputating cocktails and the creation of a dance floor!

Once we claimed our space on the floor, there was no turning back. We had great fun dancing to all the old classic tuneage and ended the night on a high note – literally in the form of Whitney Houston.

We stuck to our anti-valentine guns and had a fab time! Nothing at all to feel guilty about!

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