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Alexandra Palace, London
November 20, 2008

by Joanna Orland

Sigur Rós can do no wrong. The Icelandic band has been around for over 10 years, wowing audiences with their ethereal sound and singer Jónsi Birgisson’s spine-chilling vocals. Seeing the band live is an otherworldly experience that most often results in putting members of the audience into a surreal trance – the music provokes emotion and self-reflection more than any other music I’m aware of.

There is something about their eerie sound and lack of English vocals that really makes the listeners withdraw into themselves. I am fortunate enough to have seen the perform live a few times, including at proper seated venues such as London’s Carling Apollo and Toronto’s Massey Hall. Those performances were the top performances I have ever seen to date. I spent the entire time entranced, near tears and just completely overpowered by emotion, brought on by their sound and melodies. Unfortunately I didn’t think Alexandra Palace was an appropriate venue for them to have the same effect as they have done in the past.

The venue was more of a warehouse and although the sound was great, it was difficult to be entranced in a standing venue with chatty drunks congregating around us. The spell came and went and of no fault of the band who were on form as usual. It’s a shame for those who haven’t had the opportunity that I have had, to see them in a properly-suited venue, because those were the best musical experiences in my existence. But to be honest, the band is just so life-changing that seeing them anywhere is good enough! Just a bit underwhelming having the past gigs to compare it to.

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